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Why Does My Solar Panel System Need Periodic Maintenance and Cleaning?

  • Why do solar panels need periodic cleaning?
    Over time, dust, debris and sediment build up on the surface of the solar panel. This acts as a barrier between the light, and the solar panel, decreasing the amount of light that gets to the panel. Because less light gets to the panel, it produces less power than it would if it were clean.
  • Doesn't rain clean the panels?
    Unfortunately rain does not clean solar panels for you. In fact, rain often leaves behind its own residue and over time will build up on your panels. In the same way you need to clean your cars windows during the rainy season, you need to clean the surface of your solar panels to ensure all the light gets to the collector.
  • What are the benefits of solar panel cleaning.
    Improved efficiency: clean panels produce all the power that they can. Improved durability: removing dust and dirt periodically from your panels increases their overall lifespan. Better ROI: because your system is producing the maximum amount of power, your enjoy better return on investment. Improved Aesthetics: everyone likes a clean shiny system.
  • How much efficiency do panels lose when they are dirty?
    The actual amount of efficiency loss will vary from installation to installation based on the specific characteristics of the system. It is widely accepted that systems will lose 25-30% efficiency as they become dirty. The actual efficiency loss will depend on how quickly the system becomes dirty at your site. Installations that are subject to more dust and dirt, or other debris will become dirtier more quickly than those that are not. How frequently you need to clean you panels will depend on your specific situation. Our services are tailored to the installation. We are happy to help you create a specific maintenance plan to keep you system Solshine Clean.
  • How does cleaning my panels increase my return on investment, or ROI.
    Because clean panels produce more power than dirty ones, having a system that is well maintained will: Produce more power, allowing you to pull less power from the grid, or contribute more power to the grid. This means you will receive more money from net metering arrangements, and pull less power from the grid. Because your are generating more power for net-metering, and utilizing less power from the grid, you are able to get more value out of your system.

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